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In the whole area of the treatment and cleaning of water, Water & Wastewater Technic WWT GmbH provides a service-oriented partner, and comprehensive products and services throughout Europe.


It is particularly when handling water that responsible and sustainable working has absolute priority. WWT follows an exemplary path as far as environmental awareness is concerned and is certified under various standards.

Water: the origin of all life

Yet substances contained in the water cause deposits such as for example rust, limescale, organic pollutants etc. These deposits are prevented or removed by our products. Here we do not just focus on the highest quality and a sound price/performance ratio but above all on environmental compatibility.

At Water & Wastewater Technic WWT GmbH we ensure hygienically pure water with our products:

  • Anti-corrosive agents
  • Hardness stabilisers
  • Biocides
  • Disinfectants
  • Cleaning products
  • Flocculants
  • Oxygen binding agents
  • Defoamers

We would be happy to give you detailed advice!


We rely on the professional and personal skills of our staff, on their readiness to involve themselves for the company and to identify with the corporate aims. Only with well trained and motivated colleagues can we provide the service that our customers expect from us. This is also reflected in our corporate philosophy: a flat hierarchy, working well together in all areas, a maximum of personal responsibility and freedom to act for each individual.

But the human side also includes our customers, partners and suppliers. We focus on mutual understanding, a meeting between equals, regardless of the nationality, gender or hierarchy as we know that objectives can only be achieved through working together.

At WWT we all pull together – with a great deal of passion!